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SPEAKERS of GypMeet 2013

Johann PLANK, Dr., Professor, Institute for Construction Chemistry, Munich Technical University, Germany
Robert MCCAFFREY, Dr., Director of Pro Global Media Ltd., Epsom, UK
Hans Ulrich HUMMEL, Prof. Dr., Head of R&D Department of the Knauf Group, Coordinator of the FP6 IP – ISSB, Wurzburg, Germany
QINGLIANG Yu, PhD, Post-doctoral researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands
Ebrahim NAJAFI KANI, PhD in Chemical Engineering, Gypsum Research Group, School of Chemical, Petroleum, and Gas Engineering, Semnan University, Iran
Mark FLUMIANI, Honors Bachelor of Science, Project Manager, Innogyps, Canada
Daniela FREYER, Dr., TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Freiberg, Germany
Udo SCHONHOFF, Senior Technical Service Representative Coatings EMEA, Cologne, Germany
Marina S. SOFRONOVA, Head of Non-metal Raw and Building Materials Department, Infomine Research Group, Moscow, Russia

Speakers of GypMeet 2011

Bob BRUCE, д.т.н., professor, President of Innogyps Inc., Canada
BROUWERS, H.J.H., Professor, Department of Architecture, Building and Planning, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Olga A. VOLOSHINA, Dept. of Markets for Industrial Minerals and Building Materials, OOO INFOMINE, Moscow, Russia
BELLOTTO Maurizio, Bozzetto Group, Italy
Yury V. GONTAR,, engineering, Head of laboratory, VNIISTROM-NV, Moscow region, Russia
Yury A. GONCHAROV, President of Russian Gypsum Association, Chairman, Council of Directors, Volma, Volgograd, Russia
Jean COLOMBANI, associate professor, University of Lyon, France
Cevdet KARAIBRAHIMOGLY, Expert for business development and external economic relations of the company Erisim Makita LTD, Turkey
Vasily F. KOROVYAKOV,, engineering, prof., alternate general director, NIIMosstroy Moscow, Russia
Ravil Z. RAKHIMOV,, engineering, prof., Head, Chair of Construction materials, Khaliullin Marat,, engineering, docent, Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Russia
MUELLER Marcus, Corporate Product Engineer ‘Gypsum & Mortar Additives, Sika Services AG,, Switzerland

"Taking part in the XVI International Scientific and Technical Conference «Modern Technologies of Dry Building Mixtures in Construction» has been a great opportunity to share and broad m...
"The conference well depicted the Russian market and gave also a general, more international, overview. The contents, especially in the first two days, were good and well arranged. A...

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