Renca develops fly ash and slag cement for 3D printing

Renca, a technology start-up working with Dubai’s Future Accelerators programme, has developed a geopolymer cement from fly ash and ground granulated blast slag that can be used in 3D printing, according the National newspaper. The product’s advantage over Ordinary Portland Cement when used in additive manufacturing is that it can be used without additives making it cheaper. The start-up is a joint venture between Andrey Dudnikov, a Russian businessmen, and Alex Reggiani, an Italian geologist and mineralogist. The company is working with the Dubai Municipality to develop its material for use in 3D printing projects in Dubai. The company is also looking to set up a plant for its product in the city.

This year we showed the mobile concrete plant on our stand. It was a success. The next year we plan to bring more equipment to the exhibition.
Nowadays there is interesting opportunities for development of the additives and raw materials that improve quality of dry mixtures. And exhibition helps us to run this work as well.

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