Gebr. Pfeiffer reveals mill orders in India, Pakistan and South Africa

Gebr. Pfeiffer has released information about orders for its mills for projects in India, Pakistan and South Africa. In India Wonder Cement has ordered a MVR 6000 C-6 vertical roller mill from the company for its Nimbahera cement plant in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. The mill will have a 5820kW drive and it will grind cement to a fineness of 4500 cm²/g according to Blaine. The mill can also be used to grind blended cement using slag, fly ash and gypsum.

Core components of the mill, including the rollers, will be supplied from Europe. The mill foundation parts, the housing and the integrated SLS 5600 BC classifier will be provided by Gebr. Pfeiffer India. Delivery of the mill is scheduled by the end of 2017.

In Pakistan Cherat Cement have ordered a MVR 6300 C-6 mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer for its cement plant in Cherat. The mill will grind 365t/hr of Ordinary Portland Cement to a fineness of 3200cm2/g according to Blaine. The MultiDrive will have a total output of 7800kW. Delivery is scheuled for 2018.

In South Africa Osho Cement and HeidlelbergCement have ordered a MVR 3750 C-4 mill from Gebr. Pfeiffer via the general contractor TCDRI for a joint-venture grinding plant and terminal being built at Port Elizabeth. The mill will grind 110t/hr of CEM I cement to a fineness of 3500cm2/g according to Blaine and 80t/hr of slag cement CEM III-A to a fineness of 4500cm2/g according to Blaine. It will have a 2600kW drive, use a SLS 3750 BC classifier and it will start operation in 2018.

No price for any of the orders has been disclosed.

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