Valentina Langella, Hydrocolloids Derivatives Technology Manager, Lamberti S.p.A., Italy

«The conference well depicted the Russian market and gave also a general, more international, overview. The contents, especially in the first two days, were good and well arranged.

As suggestion for the future: as a lot of lectures are in Russian (also for slides), make sure that the translator knows, before the lecture, the topic and the meaning in order to guarantee a more and more exact translation, also for such technical contribution.»

"I have to say — I am impressed. I ready imagine from the starting that will be something interesting. But I was not so aware that in Russia there was so many specific details in our mat...
"Science meets construction practice — the MixBuild was an event, full of interesting presentations. I`ve met a lot of active and experienced people, the profound discussion has created a...

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