Bobrovskiy quartzite

“Bobrovskiy quartzite”, manufactures and supplies the market with a wide range of quartz materials (lump quartzite, crystalline quartzite, quartz coarse), providing effective processes of slag formation, manufacture of refractory linings for induction melting furnaces and iron ladles. In addition, quality materials — sand and crushed stone of various fractions — are produced for the needs of builders and utility workers.

“Bobrovsky Quartzite” offers to delivery nonmetallic materials:

►Quartzite crushed (BKD-95, BKD-97)

►Quartzite ground (BKI-03-1, BKI-05-1, BKI-08-1, BKI-015-1)

►Refractory filler (BKS, BKM, BKM, BKT)

►Quartzite filler (ZKV-95, ZKV-97)

►Quartz sand (BMK-95, BMK-97 quartz fractionated materials)

►Crushed stone cube-shaped (fractions 5-10 mm, 10-20 mm, 5-20 mm)

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