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Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures – 2018

The largest construction forum dedicated to the cement industry ended in Moscow

On November 27-30, 2018, the XX Anniversary International Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures” organized by the Russian Union of Builders and International Analytical Review “ALITinform”.
In total, more than 50 scientific and technical reports from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, China, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Belgium, Ireland and the Russian Federation were presented at the Forum events. In total, more than 500 foreign and domestic specialists participated in the business program.

Карина Папаниколау, профессор, доктор наук, Патрасский Университет, Греция

Prof. Dr. Corina Papanicolaou

University of Patras, Greece

It was a privilege for me to participate in the Forum. The organization of both the business and the cultural part of the conference was of top level. Thank you once more for inviting and hosting me.

The Forum’s business programme this year included

  • Training seminar for technologists of commercial concrete and reinforced concrete enterprises “Ensuring quality and economic efficiency of concrete mixtures and concrete” under the guidance of Dr. Vyacheslav Ruvimovich Falikman and Dr. Johann Planck;
  • XX International Scientific and Technical Conference “Modern Technologies of Dry Mixtures in Construction – MixBuild”;
  • V International Scientific and Technical Conference “Industrial Housebuilding: Production, Design, Construction – BlockRead”;
  • Round table “Development of production and application of special types of cement for concrete and dry mixtures”.
Алексей Томашевский, генеральный директор ООО «Олборг Портланд», Россия

Alexey Tomashevsky

CEO, Aalborg Portland, Russia

It is difficult not to appreciate the importance of this conference. This is the third time that we have attended and each time we find topical issues. This time, of course, the relevance exceeded all expectations — everything was very close to our working theme — white cement — we had a very interesting dialogue with consumers, producers and competitors.

Ральф Паскер, исполнительный директор, Европейская ассоциация СФТК, Германия

Ralf Pasker

Managing Director, European Association of ETICS, Germany

Thanks for being invited to your conference. It was perfectly organized and it was an honor for me to have a speech and to moderate one session. For me it was definitively worth travelling and I had some really good conversations in between the sessions and during the evening events.

Before the round table, Yaroslav Stoupa, Vice President for Production and Technical Development of Eurocement Group, and Roman Borisov, Managing Director of the Association “Union of Dry Building Mixtures Producers”, signed a memorandum of cooperation and development of import substitution in the field of white cement production and application.

In addition, the participants of the conferences were offered technical excursions to the factories producing reinforced concrete / reinforced concrete products and dry building mixtures. Thus, the participants of the BlockRead conference got acquainted with the work of the DSC-Progress plant, and the participants of the MixBuild conference were able to visit the production of dry building mixtures by Triada-Holding. The participants had an opportunity to get acquainted with modern technologies and discuss issues of interest to them with specialists.

The key event of the Forum has traditionally been the large-scale International Construction Exhibition “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures”. More than 120 leading companies from 15 countries presented their products and developments. This year the exhibition was visited by more than 5500 people.

For twenty years now, the Construction Forum has been a leading international platform where scientists, manufacturers and builders from Russia and other countries have been exchanging experience and discussing ways to develop the industry.


We invite you to the XXI International Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry Mixtures”, which will open its doors on November 27-29, 2019.

We are waiting for you next year!

List of exhibitors
“Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures – 2018”

Клаус Бонин, Технический инженер, Wacker Chemie AG, Германия

Klaus Bonin

Technical Engineer, Wacker Chemie AG, Germany

It was a real pleasure to attend your conference, overall it was one of the best I attended.
Having the conference, the exhibition and the side program, which was also very nice by the way, it was perfect combination.

Йоханн Планк, проф., доктор техн. Наук, зав. Кафедрой строительной химии, Мюнхенский технический университет, Гархинг, Германия

Prof. Dr. Johann Plank

Dr. Eng. Sci., Chair for construction chemistry, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany

The event is very useful, I think, for the industry, because the experts can come together, they can listen to new technology and implement it in their work, so I think it is a very good dissemination of technical information to the industry.

Ульрих Лотц, генеральный директор, Ассоциация производителей бетона Баден-Вюртемберга, председатель организационного комитета конгресса BetonTage, Германия

Ulrich Lotz

CEO of Baden-Württemberg Association of Concrete and Precast Plants (FBF), Chairman of BetonTage Congress, Germany

The impression of this conference is that it is a very open-minded conference, so a lot of speeches about transparency and market, and figures about cement, concrete and construction industry development. Therefore, for me, it is very interesting and very helpful to have this impression on these developments in Russia.

Вячеслав Фаликман, первый вице-президент Ассоциации «Железобетон», Россия

Vyacheslav Falikman

first vice-president of «Zhelezobeton» Association, Russia

Wonderful event, quite traditional, always gathering a large number of people. And it is clear that you can find all the very best from domestic manufacturers and from our foreign colleagues. It is also very remarkable that during the exhibition there are many scientific and technical events that attract a lot of specialists from various fields, not only construction, but also related industries.