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On 27-29 November 2019, the XXI International Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures” was held in Expocentre, Moscow. The event was organized by the Russian Union of Builders and “AlitInform” journal.

Хьюберт Рапперсторфер, генеральный директор, Rapperstorfer Automation, Австрия

Hubert Rapperstorfer

CEO, Rapperstorfer Automation, Austria

Thank you very much for your organization. It was a pleasure for me, to participate as a speaker.

International Construction Exhibition “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures” this year brought together 12 countries on one site. Over 100 leading companies of the industry presented their products and developments. Among the new exhibiting companies: Erisim A.S. (Turkey), Scantech (Australia), KZSU (Russia), Ormetiz (Russia), Eigenmann and Veronelli — Russo (Russia), etc. The full list of exhibitors can be found on the exhibition website: infocem.info. This year the exhibition was visited by over 5100 specialists.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Willems

Technical University of Dortmund, Germany

It was a great pleasure for me to speak on the congress. The many presentations held on the congress gave me lot of new information and led to many interesting discussions, especially with Prof. Gagarin.

And I have to emphasize that the events entire organization was of excellent quality – everything worked absolutely smooth! Many thanks for that.

Йоханн Планк, проф., доктор техн. Наук, зав. Кафедрой строительной химии, Мюнхенский технический университет, Гархинг, Германия

Prof. Dr. Johann Plank

Dr. Eng. Sci., Chair for construction chemistry, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany

The event is very useful, I think, for the industry, because the experts can come together, they can listen to new technology and implement it in their work, so I think it is a very good dissemination of technical information to the industry.

The business program of conferences was attended by 400 people from Austria, Germany, China, Turkey, France, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Spain and the Russian Federation. More than 45 foreign and domestic speakers made presentations.

On the first day, two training seminars were held: “Concrete Technologies”, led by Professor Grigory Nesvetayev and Doctor of Science Lei Lei, and “Adhesives based on dry building mixtures”, led by Professors Andrey Pustovgar and Sergey Sivkov. The number of participants in the seminars increased threefold compared to last year.

By tradition, two scientific and technical conferences were held as part of the Construction Forum: “ConTech: Chemistry. Production. Precast” and “Modern technologies of dry building mixtures — MixBuild“.

The key event of this year’s Construction Forum was the round table “Declaration: what awaits the producers of concrete and dry building mixtures”. Representatives of the Russian Federal Accreditation Service and Russian Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (ROSSTANDART), leading specialists and heads of industry unions and associations helped to reveal the key details of the declaration of conformity and discussed the main issues of interest to participants.

We thank all participants of the exhibition and business program, and hope that you have gained new knowledge and were able to establish business contacts. Next Construction Forum “Cement. Concrete. Dry mixtures” will be held on November 10-12, 2020 in Expocentre, Moscow.

Exhibitors 2019

  • Australia
    Scantech is the world-leader in the application of on-line real-time measurement technology for bulk materials. The Company has developed a broad range of industrial instrumentation utilising various measurement technologies, including microwave methods.
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  • Russian Federation
    JRS opens up the 'green' functionality of vegetable raw materials to the industry with the latest fiber technology.
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  • Germany
    GKM Siebtechnik GmbH
    Company GKM Siebtechnik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of tumbler screening machines and vibrating round screeners for fine separating of sand, limestone, gypsum, dolomite and cement. Together with our partners, we also deliver equipment for lime production, fine milling of silica sand and production of fillers
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  • Russian Federation
    W.A.M. – Moscow
    WAM Moscow represents in Russia Italian corporation WAMGROUP – is the global market leader in manufacturing and designing of equipment and spare parts for powder-type materials and dust filtration. WAM equipment is wildly used for cement, concrete plants.  
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  • Russian Federation
    Design and supply of complexes for the production of dry mixes: cost-effective solutions based on standard projects “EUROHIM-1 Functional Chemicals” offers the modifying additives for dry mortars manufacturing:
    • cellulose ethers Mecellose, Hecellose;
    • redispersible powders and construction dispersions Vinnapas;
    • superplastisizers Melment and Melflux;
    • starch ethers Starvis SE;
    • gypsum retardant Plastretard;
    • tartaric acid (L+), citric acid;
    • cellulose fibres Technocel;
    • polymer fiber (PAN, PE, PET);
    • air-entraining and dispersing agents Esapon;
    • defoamers Vinapor DF 9010F;
    • anti-shrinking agent Sitren; etc.
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  • Russian Federation
    Manufacturing and sales of mineral fillers (calcium carbonate, dolomite, precipitated chalk, talc, kaolin) for production of paints and coatings, dry mortars and concrete, polymers and paper. Distribution of wide range of functional additives.
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  • Russian Federation
    Voronezh Region
    Enterprises from Voronezh Region
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  • Russian Federation
    The company ANTON OLERT represents in Russia and the CIS countries European manufacturers of equipment for the precast concrete goods industry. Nordimpianti, equipment for the production of prestressed concrete products, such as hollow core slabs, beams, channels, etc. Weckenmann, equipment for the production of flat concrete products, such as panels, massive slabs, columns. KBH, equipment for surface treatment of concrete products, such as paving slabs, wall blocks.
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  • Turkey
    Parget Makina is engaged in engineering, design, supply and commissioning of equipment and complete turnkey plants for the production of gypsum, dry mortars, gypsumboard, calcite and perlite. Our product range includes rotary kilns, dryers, mixers for dry mortars, centrifugal type beater plate mills, dynamic air separators, screw conveyors, weighing belt conveyors, bucket chain elevators, jet-pulse filters, rotary valves, slide gates, dosing and weighing equipment, packing equipment, vertical and horizontal conveying equipment, dedusting equipment, crushing and screening units.
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